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Is PSD2 and Open Banking friend or foe for banks?

Waiting at the departure gate at Heathrow Terminal 2, dressed as an eskimo as I didn’t trust the weather reports for Hamburg! The question I started to explore: Is Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2)  and Open Banking friend or foe for banks? There are 2 key players influencing change, the European Banking Authority (EBA) who … Continue reading Is PSD2 and Open Banking friend or foe for banks?

Servant Leadership

Digital Transformation – Servant Leadership (10 minute read) The year 2017 will be the year of digital transformation across traditional banks, as they respond to emerging technology and Fintech competition. Many moons ago, during my MSc, my Professor of Change Management, Bernard Burns, used to say; “the key component of successful change is culture”, and … Continue reading Servant Leadership


Agile The world of technology and human advancement is changing at a pace never seen before in humanity. The volume of information and data available to the world has exploded. Unless you have been living in a rainforest and hunting and gathering, or under a rock you have seen these changes first hand.